Basic Techniques in Chinese Cooking (Session 4)

Learn the secrets of Chinese cooking techniques from Chef David. This class, Chef David will be sharing with you the technique of the 2nd part of Frying and Grilling and he will be covering 8 different recipes using these techniques!
15th Feb 2014 @ 3pm to 6.30pm
S$125 (exclude 7% GST)
(Demonstration with food tasting)

FRYING (Part 2)
We continue to explore the different frying techniques used in Chinese cooking. The definition of frying is to cook all ingredients rapidly by stirring them in a wok over high heat. Usually, the ingredients would be cut into the desired size and sauces (if necessary) would be added during cooking. Frying is one of the most often-used methods of cooking in the Chinese kitchen.

In this class, the methods of frying demonstrated would be:
1. Stir-frying with deep-fried ingredients
- Fried Crayfish with Salt and Garlic
- Sweet & Sour Pork

2. Stir-frying with wet ingredients
- Fried Omelette with Minced Meat

3. Stir-frying with semi-crispy ingredients
- Beijing-style Fried Fish

Grilling is an underrated cooking method in China. Most people are not aware that in the repertoire of Chinese cooking, especially that of Northern, Southern and Central China, many dishes use grilling to enhance meat flavorings.

The methods of grilling are:
1. Braised and grilled
- Charsiew

2. Boiled and grilled
- Ox Tongue
- Golden Coin Chicken

-Indonesian-style Satay

Indonesian Satay Sauce
Peanut Candy Chilli Sauce

Sat Mar 1, 2014
3:00 PM - 6:30 PM SGT
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